With more people, increasing traffic, endless construction and a constant flow of goods to meet the needs of communities and commerce, our urban centres are dynamic, challenging environments.

Congestion threatens to block the arteries of our cities at every turn as delivery vehicles clash with the competing needs of pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and buses, all sharing the same restricted spaces.

As road traffic accidents make the headlines all too often, public safety is a growing concern on the street, in the news and in the corridors of government. Brave new ideas, different ways of working and inspired innovation are needed to help us redefine the modern city and provide new solutions to old problems.

Dennis Eagle is part of this change, working towards a safer, cleaner, more human future for everyone. Something has to change.

HGVs only account for 4% of London’s road miles driven, yet are involved in a hugely disproportionate number of fatalities with vulnerableroad users.

As other road safety metrics head in the right direction, fatal accidents and serious injuries, involving cyclists in particular, remain stubbornly high. Whilst cycling is increasingly popular for people of all ages, offering a healthy, sustainable way to move around our city centres, concerns about road safety are very real. Creating new standards to address these concerns requires the collaboration of government, business, trade bodies and public interest groups, working together to deliver positive change. At Dennis Eagle we are working to help set the standard for commercial transport and cycle safety.

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